House of Prayer & Praise Ministries, Banbury Chapel had its beginning in 1970 when Overseer Eric Sanderville Kitson and his wife Evangelist Emeline Kitson, were invited by Evangelist Roy Francis to assist in a work in Banbury District, Linstead, St.Catherine. At the time, the area was steeped in superstition and it was said that no Christian work could last there. However, under God, the Kitsons started having meetings with a small group from Kingston comprising members of the family and a few brethren from the church at Waltham Park road. At that time the church was known as the Glorious Church of God.Over the years, the work grew as members of the community got saved. In 1976 Pastor Derrick Kitson and wife Viviene were assigned responsibilities for the Banbury Church. There were many challenges and spiritual battles to fight but the Lord blessed his work and the church continued to grow. Eventually, Pastor Derrick and his family came back to Kingston, and his younger brother, Pastor C. Horace Kitson and his wife Lorna, took over the leadership of the church. The Lord continued to bless the work and more growth in membership took place in the small worship center.

In March 1982, Pastor Teddy and his wife migrated to the United States. Pastor Glenesse Kitson and wife Vida took up the mantle with their baby son, Glenesse Jr. and became the pastor for the Banbury Church. The favour of the Lord continued and more people were added to the church particularly men. The need to expand the size of the building became apparent.

On the leading of the Lord the work started in 1984. Since then, the church has undergone several expansions, culminating in a beautiful Chapel which we now occupy. Currently, we are called by the name, House of Prayer & Praise Ministries, Banbury Chapel with a membership of approximately 120 persons as many of our members have migrated but some still continue to support the church and its work. God has been exceedingly good to us.

Organizational Structure

Pastor – Overseer Glenesse Kitson
Marriage Ministry Coordinator/Counselor – Minister Merle Kelly
Discipleship/Sunday School – Junior Pastor Glen Colquhoon
President – Women’s Fellowship – Minister Vida Kitson
Treasurer – Evangelist J. O’Cconor
Public Relations Officer/Secretary – Sister Monica Colquhoon
Building & Property – Snr. Deacon L. Murphy
Ministry – Elder V. Kelly
Evangelism – Deacon K. Wilson
Evangelism Assistant – Deacon A. Douglas
Fellowship – Snr. Deaconess A. George
Worship – Jr. Deacon Prince Moodie
Prayer Ministry Leader – Deacon E. Taffe
Youth Fellowship President – Jr. Deacon G. Oconnor


Banbury District
Linstead P.O.
ST. Catherine