In mid 1973, following a funeral service in the district of Phantiland, ST. Elizabeth, the need for a church in the community was identified. Brother Clarence Austin a member of the church at 13 1/2 Waltham Park road, who was from Phantiland was mandated to investigate the possibility of starting a church in the area. Pastor kitson came down one Sunday along with Brother Clarence Austin, resulting in prayer meetings being started at Daddy Austin’s home.

A plot of land was identified and purchased. Services started at a shop plazza with members of the Austin family and brethren from the Waltham Park Road church in Kingston. Interest in the services grew thus the need for a worship hall became more urgent. Deacon Clarence Austin and wife Gertrude were given the stewardship of the Assembly.

With assistance from Pastor Brown of the Full Gospel House of Prayer, a small worship area was erected. The first building was completed and dedicated sometime in 1979. The decades of the 1980’s and 1990’s saw a consolidation of the work in Phantiland. The Sunday school and other auxiliaries flourished. An extension Sunday school was established in Pepper District sometime in the mid 1990.

The last 20yrs saw significant improvements in the building. Today we have a beautiful edifice on the hill.

Organizational Structure

Pastor – Overseer Glenesse Kitson
Ministry – Minister Vida Kitson
Secretary/Administrator – Sister S. Brooks
Treasurer/Fellowship Leader – Sister J. Green
Assistant Treasurer – Sister Daria Green
Discipleship – Deaconess L. Biggs
Evangelism/Youth President – Evangelist K. Fleming
Senior Deacon – G. Legore
Choir Director – Sister Joyce Austin
Assistant Choir Director – Sister Sonia Foster
Praise & Worship – Brother C. Wilson
Music Director – Brother Gerron Foster
Men’s President – Deacon Linton Goss

Phantiland District
Pepper P.O.
ST. Elizabeth